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Important Slavic Protestant Reformers

(Zagreb, 1534 – Gdańsk, 1577)
pavao skalicHe was the son of a poor schoolmaster from Zagreb. After his studies and doctorate in philosophy in Vienna and theology in Bologna he managed to make his way into various European courts, allegedly using forged documents and false titles of marquis, duke and baron. Due to forgery and other frauds he was occasionally persecuted by different European countries and their courts.
For a while he served as the court preacher of Emperor Ferdinand in Vienna, but he was exposed and left for Tübingen, where he accepted Protestantism. As a protégé of Duke Christoph von Württemberg and Baron Hans Ungand he started giving lectures at Tübingen University. For a long period of time he lived and worked as a theology professor in Königsberg, where he even became the prime minister for the Prussian duke, Albrecht (1490–1568). Because of his frauds he was forced to run away so he hid in Paris and tried to make peace with the Roman Catholic Church. He later moved to Münster and died on his way to Prussia, where he had been allowed to return.
Skalich wrote expositions on theology, philosophy, historiography and occultism in Latin, often plagiarizing others’ works. He published twenty-five theological and other books, and took part in collecting the sources for ‘The Magdeburg Centuries’. He also had disagreements with Primus Truber.



Occulta occultorum occulta. Pauli Skalich de lika, philosophiae ac theologiae doctoris, sacrae, ro. hung. boe. etc. regiae maiestatis capellani (Vienna: Michael Zimmerman, 1556). Posvećeno Gasparu von Nydbrucku.

Dialogus de Missa (Tubingae, 1558).

Glossa in triginta duos articulos canonis Missae ex Apostolo (Romae: Jodocus Cortesanus, 1558).

Encyclopaediae, seu orbis disciplinarum, tam sacrarum, quam profanarum epistemon. Ejusdem: Theses mysticae philosophiae (Basileae [Basel]: Joannes Oporinus, 1559).

... Genealogia seu de antiquissima Scalichiorum, sive a Scala ... principum origine ab anno salutis 80 usque ad annum 1561. Sermo. (Argentorati [Strasbourg]: Christ. Mylius, 1561).

Annales Scaligerorum ex Cyrillo in Latinum sermonem conversi. (Coloniae. o.J.).

Satira philosophica sive miscellanca. Aceessit genealogiea praecipuorum Europae regum et principum, etc. a Gothis deducta per utrumque serum authori Heilricho Zeellis (Regiomonti Borussorum [Königsberg]: Joannes Daubmanny, 1563).

Epitoma de origine Scaligerorum ejusque brevi deductione, ad Paulum usque et Sylvium huiusque fratres ... una cum sententia Ducis Prussiae contra A. Truchsum Wetzhausum auscultata (etc.) Huic praefixa est Pauli Scaligeri ... sexta iam evulgata ... protestatio ... Accessit argumentum anacriseos, quis cuius regno ... brevi immineat (Mediolano [Milano], 1568).

Pauli Scaligeri ... Censura brevissima de potissimis hujus seculi sectis, de moribus Antichristi, de extremo judicio; et certissima via ac methodus de dignoscendis Spiritibus: an ex Deo sint (Mediolano, 1570).

Primi tomi miscellaneorum de rerum caussis et successibus ... effigies ac exemplar, nimirum vaticiniorum et imaginum Joachimi Abbatis Florensis Calabrieae et Anselmi episcopi Marsichani ... explanatio (Coloniae Agrippinae [Köln]: Theodorus Graminaeus, 1570).