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The Slavic Printing Press in Urach

Kip TrubarBetween 1561 and 1565 a Croatian-Slovenian Protestant printing press and publishing house functioned in the former Saint Amand monastery in the small Württemberg town of Urach (today known as Bad Urach) in the vicinity of Tübingen.

Baron Hans Ungnad von Sonnegg (1493-1564) was the founder and chief financier of this undertaking, which was called the Windische, chrabatische und cirulische Thrukerey (Windish [Slovenian], Croatian and Cyrillic Printing House). It published books in Slovenian and Croatian, using the Glagolitic, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Among the books printed in Urach were Biblical texts and translations of foreign Protestant books, as well as original works.

It was the hope of all those working at the publishing house that their books would spread the ideas of the Reformation among the Slavic populations in South Eastern Europe. Among the collaborators on the various projects were Stjepan Consul (Buzet, 1521 - ?) and Antun Dalmatin (? - Ljubljana, 1579), Primus Truber (Primož Trubar, 1508-1586), and Matevž Klombner.

See Ivan Kosić (ed.), Hrvatske protestantske knjige XVI. i XVII. stoljeća u Nacionalnoj i sveučilišnoj knjižnici (Zagreb, 2005), 61.