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The Slavic Printing Press in Urach
ungnadBaron Hans Ungnad von Sonnegg (1493-1564), ruler of Varaždin county and civil captain of the Lower Austrian territories, was the founder andchief financier of this undertaking, which was called the Windische, chrabatische und cirulische Thrukerey (Windish [Slovenian], Croatian and Cyrillic Printing House). Duke Christoph of Württemberg also provided financial support for the publishing house. It printed books in Slovenian and Croatian, using the Glagolitic, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Among the books published in Urach were Biblical texts and translations of foreign Protestant books, as well as original works.  

It was Ungnad's hope that the books would spread the ideas of the Reformation among the Slavic populations living in the border areas under his control or in Ottoman Turkish territories. This is why he founded the Slavic publishing house and printing press in Urach. His letters testify to his efforts at trying to extinguish enmities that existed among certain Slavic Reformers (see Mirković, 1960, 471-474).

Ungnad died while visiting his sister in Bohemia. He is buried in the Stiftskirche in Tübingen. The publishing house in Urach closed down soon after his death.

Matthias Flacius dedicated one of his works from 1557 against Georg Major and Justus Menius, Bekenntnis Flacius’ von etlichen Irrthumen Maiors. Item etliche Spruche Menij, to Ungnad. In this publication Flacius challenged the teaching that good works are necessary for one's sanctification. Previously, Major had dedicated three of his books to Ungnad from 6 January, 29 May and 25 December 1556, while Philipp Melanchthon dedicated his work against Flacius from 25 July 1557 to Ungnad.